DuckDuckGo is going one step further in terms of security and has just announced a new tool for Android smartphones that blocks the tracking of user data. 

In this case, it is an extension that can already be tested in its beta version - with a waiting list - and which, according to DuckDuckDuckGo, was created to curb data theft (according to, 96% of the most popular free Android apps contain trackers. Some 87% send data to Google, and 68% to Facebook).

This free extension is called 'App Tracking Protection' and is integrated into the browser app, so you don't need to keep it open for it to work, you can download it from your device's usual app shop.

Tracker blocking can be checked in real time via DuckDuckGo and can also detect which networks are trying to save the user's personal data. In addition, the notification service can be activated to receive summaries of its operation.

With this tool, DuckDuck goes a step further in the fight against such practices by adding this layer of security as an add-on service to its main search engine, which guarantees a good level of anonymity and security when searching.

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