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When we talk about DNS propagation, we mean the results we get when translating the records of a specific domain after consulting them on different DNS servers across the globe.

When a customer wishes to access a specific website, they only have to enter the domain in the address bar, for example: When doing this, what is really happening is that a request is being made to our DNS server to provide us with the IP, this server is responsible for translating the domain that we have entered by its equivalent in the form of IP address .

This is done to improve usability, since it is easier to remember a web address semantically, than a complex number consisting of 4 subgroups of digits.

Usually, there are 3 terms in the DNS scope:

  • DNS clients: this is how we refer to the terminals that make the query: PC, Tablet, Mobile phone, Smart speaker ... In short, the device that is connected to the internet and by the which one we will access the required website.
  • DNS servers: they are responsible for storing, providing and exchanging information about the IPs corresponding to the different existing domains, in order to respond instantly and accurately and updated, to provide us with the correct IP.
  • Zones of authority: they are the older brothers of the DNS servers and have different types of DNS under their responsibility in order to coordinate everyone else.

As soon as you register a new domain or make modifications of DNS records on it, you should check if the changes have taken effect and if they are propagating correctly through the different points of the globe, in order to guarantee that the changes are being distributed correctly and evenly. These changes are usually immediate, although in some cases they can take up to 72 hours to take effect.

In this website you have a group of tools that will allow you to understand, check and work better with all DNS related tasks you may have, as well as you’ll count with more and better features in the near future.

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