What is my IP address?

Check the data associated to your public and IP address as well as its geolocation.

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The IP address is automatically assigned based on different fields, local and in a public level by your internet provider and it is used to identify within a network, either domestic or globally.

In the case of the local, this is defined in the configuration of the adapter, which can be assigned automatically or set manually taking into account a number of parameters (DNS, gateway, and subnet mask).

On the other hand, the public address is assigned following a similar configuration established in our connection device (router, modem or switch), this primary configuration will be established in this device and it will be this device that will provide us with a local address to be able to connect to the Internet through it. The address of this device will be the one we will consider as the public one.

The basic difference is what type of network we will be able to access from each one of them, being the local one a domestic or small-scale network, which will only allow us to access those computers available and connected to that network. Unlike the public one that will open the doors to the network of networks called Internet, where we will be able to access any computer or server available globally.

The procedures are different in each case. While to change the local IP we will have to access the configuration of our network adapter (ethernet or wifi), and from there configure automatically or manually the parameters, in the case of the public address, we will have to do so by accessing the internal configuration of our router, switch or access point with the data provided by our provider.

If for any circumstance we need to change the internet exit address, we can try to restart our router or internet switch, since in some cases the available addresses (IPv4) being scarce, are assigned on demand and may allow us to obtain a new one each time we restart our modem or router.

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    Country (ISO): US
    Country (ISO3): USA
    Country: United States
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    Postal code: 20149
    Latitude: 39.048099517822
    Longitude: -77.472801208496
  • Time: Feb 18, 2020
    Date: 03:35 PM

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