IPTV lists in recent years have taken a great force in the network. Not long ago they were really unknown and few people could get to have one installed on your computer, but now it is easy that anyone has wanted to investigate IPTV in some to be able to have a great facility when watching TV on any device.

In the case of Windows there are many applications that exist to exploit this type of service that we find in the network openly. In this article we will focus mainly on recommending the best applications to use these IPTV lists.

What you should know about IPTV lists and their legality

Before getting into the subject, you should know that IPTV stands for Internal Protocol Television and it is a technology that allows you to distribute video or audio networks over the Internet. Basically what you would be getting is to install a television channel on your computer without resorting to operator platforms. Obviously it is always necessary to choose the best possible option that guarantees both stability and quality. It must be taken into account that operators are not fascinated by this, and they always try to close them, although it is difficult to control. This is due to the fact that when one is closed, another one appears immediately. 

And if you are wondering if this practice is illegal, or if someone will end up arresting you for watching an IPTV list, you can rest assured. This type of technology is completely legal, as long as you watch TV channels that are open. In other words, this technology can be used for good purposes, but it can also be used for other illegal tasks such as watching soccer on private channels. That is why here comes in what we always say: your logic. It is the best tool to avoid any problem, having to always discard those lists that are illegal or untrustworthy to avoid blackmail or data theft.

The most recommended players for your IPTV lists

Once we have this information in mind, we can go into the matter of which programs can be used to watch IPTV lists. Because yes, it is not as easy as downloading a file from a website and running it. There must be a program that is able to connect to those servers and offer you the content. Here we show you the most recommended ones for us.


Kodi is undoubtedly the most classic option, but also one of the ones that has worked best for us in our day to day, becoming the most recommended application for Windows in these tasks. It is completely free to download and has open source, so that anyone can use it as they wish. Its problem is that you will always have to watch a tutorial to install the different addons, as it is not very intuitive.

It is fully compatible with IPTV lists, but also with other online services. The clearest example is to be able to install DAZN on Kodi or even YouTube. This way you are guaranteed to have all your multimedia services in a single application on your Windows computer.

Kodi lets you watch DVB-T with IPTV lists, but also record the programs: here's how you can do it
On the net you can find many addons that are compatible with Kodi, and opens the** option to install TV channels, radio or video games**. You simply need to add the corresponding .zip file offered by these lists or even the access link. From that moment on, everything starts to flow with a performance that is truly extraordinary.

VLC Media Player

We all have in mind VLC Media Player as the reference application to view any type of multimedia content on our computer, regardless of the type of extension it has. But in addition to this use, it can also be used to run IPTV lists. This is achieved with one of its options in the playback section titled Open network location.

In this case you will simply have to enter the URL to play the channels you are most interested in a really intuitive way. In this way you get a great combination of possibilities, having the option to play any type of video in conjunction with these channels. It is compatible with any type of operating system and in Windows it is really integrated with a very good performance.

MyIPTV Player

MyIPTV Player is found in the Microsoft Store also has the option to play any type of IPTV list. It has a search engine that is productive to be able to search among all those lists that you have installed. Since this will not be able to find IPTV lists in a predefined way, but you'll always have to install it externally through GitHub or any other page.


Plex will allow you to create a multimedia center on your own computer or even on a hard drive so that it is always with you. It has the ability to decrypt any type of multimedia file that you have stored locally, making it possible to open everything without exception. From that moment on you will be able to quickly organize in sections all the IPTV lists that you have stored in your .zip files.

It offers the possibility of having a great quality in terms of video and audio, being able to access more than 100 channels, series and movies for free. As far as performance is concerned, it will always depend on the use you are going to give to the platform itself. If you have a large number of lists installed in your application, you will require a lot of GPU, CPU and above all RAM as well as adequate bandwidth.