The main purpose of the domain name is basically to translate the IP addresses that make up the virtual place where your online platform is stored so that anyone can access it without the need to memorize long and unintelligible codes or numbers. All you need is a catchy domain name or DNS to get noticed in the first instance on the Internet. 

Top 3 best domain registrars

  1. Namecheap: When it comes to looking for cheap domain name registrars, NameCheap is usually the first service that comes to mind. This service, although it allows you to register domain names easily, also allows you to hire hosting that goes hand in hand with the domain name, so that you have everything you need to create your own website in one place.

    The website itself is very intuitive and easy to use, with a very interesting variety of tools for managing your own email accounts, with fair renewal rates that will really make you determine that this is the best service for you.

  2. Google Domains: It is not surprising that the top company when it comes to the Internet and digital media has a service to search and register domains. In this case, we are talking about Google Domains, a service capable of finding the best domain for your online platform and also has several and varied tools that allow you to manage a website from the first moment and until the end. This is taking the creation of web pages to the next level!

    The main advantage and disadvantage of Google Domains is that it has a perfect incorporation with all the products of the same brand, which indicates that it turns out to be a very complicated tool to use if you do not plan to use the entire repertoire of web tools that Google has for you.

  3. GoDaddy: Few are the lists of the best domain registrars that do not include GoDaddy, having that for a few years ago 1 out of 3 domains on the internet were purchased on this platform.

    During the first year you will be able to get a very cheap price for your domain, being the disadvantage of this platform that for the following years the price increases and becomes one of the most expensive domain registrars to hire. However, you should not discredit the service they provide, since it is of extreme quality and with the best customer service.

    GoDaddy offers you the possibility of registering a domain, and you can also rent the hosting from this place without many complications.

How to choose the best domain registrar

Simply knowing the best domain name registrars does not guarantee that you will make the best choice. In fact, the best ones may not meet your expectations if you do not really know what to look for in this kind of service.

  • Check what kind of domains the service offers: As you may well know, there are different types of domains and not all registrars offer the same ones. In fact, there are a lot of registrar services that do not offer top-level domains or TLDs such as the popular ".com" or ".net". Therefore, verify that the service you are going to hire has the type of domain you wish to obtain.

  • Compare prices: Not all domain registrars have the same prices for their products, taking into account that this price does not include the hosting rent that you will also have to pay. Therefore, compare prices and services offered by the registrars you are interested in and you will choose the best option. Avoid registrars that offer below average prices!

  • Make sure that your domain has free WHOIS protection: In the world of DNS and digital platforms, there is a very particular tool or software known as WHOIS Lookup tool, which is capable of displaying personal information about the owner of a particular domain. Therefore, if you want to keep in constant privacy what would be your name, address or phone number, it is imperative that the domain has this protection and, moreover, is free.

  • The legal minimum of time to register your domain name: More than a step to choose the best domain registrar this is a warning, being that you should know that the minimum period of exclusivity you have for a domain you get for the first time is one year. Stay away from services that offer you low domain prices for less registration time, since in the end it will be much more expensive.

  • Take into account renewals and reminders: Having clarified the previous point, to choose an ideal domain name you also have to take into account the renewal of the service, which, as already mentioned, the minimum they can offer you is one year. The most advisable thing in this case is to choose a service that does not increase the price of the domain as time goes by, being able to choose a service that has automatic renewals or renewal reminders.

  • Check what additional services it offers: It is very useful some additional service that the domain registrar can offer you, being important that you review these services in question to weigh if any of them will be more or less useful. An example of these services can be the incorporation of hosting to host your website.

  • Make sure that the domain transfer is fast, reliable and efficient: It is very common that you want to move this domain you are buying to another hosting or simply change the registration service company. Being this the case, a good alternative to consider is that the domain service guarantees a fast, safe and problem-free domain transfer.

In addition to all this that you should consider when choosing a domain registrar, you can also find some aspects that you have to take into account to immediately move away from that domain registration service, these aspects are listed below:

  • That they have extraordinarily low promotional prices, finding that after a year of registration this price rises exponentially.

  • That they have a deficient customer service.

  • That the interface is confusing and of a quality below what is expected. Remember that the interface of the search engine and domain registrar is the first thing that is shown to the user when he/she encounters the service, being the first sign of quality that this kind of service has to offer.

  • That they automatically select the add-ons for the domain you are going to buy. This is a fraudulent practice of selling domains that will make you pay more for tools and applications that you will surely not use at any time with your domain.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I find free domain registrars?
    Yes, it is possible that you can find a free domain registrar for your website. However, it should be mentioned that these services are usually not very reliable for hosting a web page, and in most cases these "free domains" are usually more like subdomains, which have the following drawbacks:
    • It makes it very difficult for your visitors to remember your domain (thus decreasing your daily visits).
    • It is not very professional.
    • It directly affects your web positioning (largely due to the two points mentioned above).

  • Is it worth opting for the hosting offered by domain registrars?
    In most of the cases it is not worth to make use of the hosting offered by a domain registration service. This, because the posthumous purpose of these registration pages is to provide you with a solid domain and with presence in the network, leaving very neglected what refers to the hosting or lodging of this site. The most advisable thing to do in these cases is to hire the hosting services of a specialized company, so that you only have to link both parts and have an extraordinarily solid web page or online platform.

  • What does the term "free domain" mean?
    The term "free domain" refers to a domain name that is not currently in use and can be taken by you so that you have a unique platform name on the entire Internet. The best way to get a free domain name is to simply go to a domain registrar's website and enter the name you want to use the most. This platform will tell you whether or not the name is available for use.

  • What is WHOIS really for?
    As mentioned above, WHOIS is something like a public and totally free directory where the technical information of all registered domains and the contact information of their respective owners is located. Currently there are plenty of programs that allow you to search domain information with WHOIS and, likewise, there are several domains that have this information hidden WHOIS so you can not have easy access to this private information (which is recommended to get if you plan to buy a domain online). This tool also helps you determine how much time is left for a domain to expire if it has not been paid for, which can be useful if you are looking for a particular domain that has already been taken.

  • How to choose the best extension for a domain name?
    To choose the best extension for your domain name you just need to use a bit of common sense and be clear about what kind of website or platform you want to create. For example, if you want your website to be seen only at a national level, you will have to opt for local domains such as ".es" or ".eus", and you can opt for the popular extension ".com" if you want a website with good positioning at an international level.

At the end of the day, choosing the best domain registrar is just the first step to start with the online project you want so much, which is why you have to take that first step in the safest way possible. Don't you think so? Do you already know which domain registrar to hire?